Amazing Gastric Sleeve result! Sherilyn lost 47 kgs in 1year!

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Sherilyn looks amazing and confident! She had Gastric Sleeve surgery with Destination Beauty in Thailand. After 1 years post op, Sherilyn lost over 47 kgs! 

Thank you Destination Beauty for all your amazing work. Thank you for looking after me. Thank you for helping me gain my life back. Never in my wildest dreams would thought that I could feel this happy and confident in my own skin ❤" - Sherilyn

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"💪🙌😍 This surgery....Honestly saved me. Saved my life. I was so damn miserable, but yet always the "joker" of the group. I found it easier to be the funny one and make fun of myself before anyone else did... Even thought it honestly was killing me. Before I had this surgery, I lost my Dad in a freak accident, I felt I had NOTHING to turn too, no one understood how losing a parent felt, the person who was most like me and understood me more than anyone in the world... So I turned back to food which pushed my weight almost higher than it ever had been.
My dad would always try to help me and encourage me too lose weight over the years with some little successes along the way but I still was never healthy.

Once my Dad passed I shut off from everyone for a while, didn't want to be around, what was the point anymore? Seeing my Mum, my siblings and family hurt every waking moment of the day was almost unbearable but at the same time I didn't want to add to their misery which ultimately kept me alive in the darkest times

Then I made the decision to recontact DB which I had done previously in the past but was never the right time to go through. Well I was at a "now or never point" Within less than a few days of contacting I had a surgery date just over 3 weeks away! I booked everything that night. Flights and all.

This surgery saved my life. The doctors and nurses saved me. I saved myself as well. I'm trying to make my Dad proud of me every single day by working hard and being the best and healthiest me I can be. I feel so much better in myself. Time has passed and accepting what has happened to our family has ultimately helped us get through this all together and made us want to work together and forever keep Dad proud of us all.

Sorry this is so long and if you've read this far thank you, I guess what I'm trying to say is if you are on the fence about this life change, if you are unhappy and have the opportunity to do this. Please, Please go ahead and take the plunge.
I can say this is the best thing to have happen to me and I'll forever be grateful for my new life and my new outlook on life.

Thank you again DB for giving me my life back!! 

Fact about Sherilyn's Surgery 

Height : 5"8 / 173cm
Start Weight : 106 kgs
Current Weight : 72.5 kgs
Lost Weight : 59 kgs 
Surgery Date : 17th June 2019

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