Gastric Sleeve Thailand - Sharlene lost 45 kgs 1 year after gastric sleeve surgery!

sharlene had gastric sleeve surgery in thailand

Sharlene 65, had gastric sleeve surgery in Bangkok last year and lost 45 kgs! She is now a mother of 6 puppies. Sharlene’s dog had 6 puppies, so it’s now more busy than ever looking after the many small puppies. Sharlene came back to Bangkok to visit and she is looking so much different and smaller!

Sharlene had gastric sleeve surgery in Thailand

Sharlene came to visit Destination Beauty in Bangkok. 


Sharlene is back in Bangkok - 1 year after gastric sleeve surgery and is 45 kgs lighter! from Destination Beauty on Vimeo.


Sharlene's 4 months post op gastric sleeve, lost 33 kgs!! 

Sharlene_post op.jpg

We followed Sharlene, from New Zealand had gastric sleeve done in Bangkok with Dr. Narong earlier in November 2017. In these videos, she already lost 18 kgs within 15 days after the surgery!! She shared with us that there was no pain after the operation and she was able to get up and walk around in the ward even before she got discharged!! 

Here are some of her pictures and videos!

Sharlene's follow up with Dr. Narong after gastric sleeve surgery - lost 18 kgs in 15 days! from 

Sharlene lost 18 kgs in 15 days after gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Narong in Bangkok! from


Sharlene showing her apartment at Somerset from

Jennifer and Sharlene talking about gastric sleeve! from

Sharlene shows Somerset garden - How to get surgeon evaluation! from 

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