Katia's breast Augmentation 600 cc in Bangkok!

Katia, from Sydney had her breast revision, changing to new implants size from 315cc to 600cc with Dr. Ring in Bangkok!!! 

Katia is a Miss Inked Aus/NZ 15, Miss Surf&Ink Aus 15, and Suellen Angel. She has been traveling back and forth Sydney and Thailand quite a number of times, so she is familiar with the country. She decided to get breast revision done in Bangkok as it is affordable, you get full service with the nurse care 24/7 in the ward at the hospital, the spacious service apartment right in the city of Bangkok with 20 minutes away from the hospital. 

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Katia 600 cc breast implant.png

 before and after 600cc breast implants thailand

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

after 600 cc breast implants bangkok

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

breast implants thailand

breast augmentation bangkok

breast implants 600 cc bangkok

breast augmentation bangkok

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Katherine's final check up from destinationbeauty.com

Katia shares with us her 600cc breast augmentation experience in Bangkok! from destinationbeauty.com 

Katia shows the ward at Destination Beauty Plastic Surgery Center Bangkok! from Destination Beauty 

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