Jeni had upper and lower eyelid surgery in Thailand !

Jeni came to Thailand to have upper and lower eyelid surgery in Thailand with Destination Beauty! She shared with us that she had a great time while she was recovery in Thailand. Her surgeon and all staff are lovely and welcoming.

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Before and after pictures of breast lift Thailand - 7 days post op


" The staff and Dr Dali where so easy to work with and all have such a beautiful presence. Of course the price was a bargain too...half the price as here in Australia." - Jeni's -

" My story... I was constantly being asked if l was ok or l looked tired and even after a great nights rest my eyes looked like l hadn't slept for a week. I also was starting to loose some of my peripheral vision. My hooded eyes are a hereditary condition so I only have to look at my dad to see my future. I didn't realise until after my operation how heavy my eyelids were. The decision was a easy one to make but the results are amazing to me... l know longer get asked if l am tired from from work colleagues or friends. My make up stays in place.. l feel years younger and now have a new knick name "bright eyes" in the office. I sent my photos to my dad he was amazed and said he wouldn't mind getting it done."       
                                                                                                                       - Jeni's -


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