Jeffery lost 30 kgs in 11 weeks!

Jeffery gastric sleeve

Jefferey came to Thailand to have gastric sleeve surgery to help him lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle. 

"Today marks 11 weeks post op for me, I am very excited to tell everyone I have lost 30.3kgs thus far. I am so very thankful for the amazing, professional and lifesaving procedure I have had by Destination Beauty and Dr Ithiphon. And of course the people who have helped and inspired me to take this journey Emily, Kurt, Ben. And my Sleeve family who I would be lost without Meg, Eliza, Ani and Bede. Thank you all so much, you can never know how much you all mean to me" - Jeffery

Facts about Jeffery's gastric sleeve

Start Weight 185 kgs

Start BMI 52.4

Current Weight 154.7 kgs

Current BMI 43.8

Lost weight 30 kgs

Jeffery had gastric sleeve surgery in Thailand!

Jeffery gastric sleeve


Jeffery gastric sleeve

Watch Jeffery's interview a week after his surgery in Thailand



Jeffery had gastric sleeve surgery in Thailand! from Destination Beauty on Vimeo.

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jesse gastric sleeve