Emily had gastric sleeve surgery in Thailand

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Emily wishes us a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020! from Destination Beauty on Vimeo.


"You guys all know I’m a massive blazer fan, so I thought I’d try out a blazer dress haha still not sure I’m completely won over on it yet, but holy moly when I look at this picture next to my before picture. It’s hard to believe they are both photos of me 😮
So stoked and happy with my progress so far, can’t wait to keep getting stronger and see how far I can go in the future.
To all of you still on the fence, trust me, its the best decision you will ever make, you will regain you life and health and there is no better feeling, and Destination Beauty are great and will take good care of you"

Emily, a young lady from Australia. Emily weighed 164.5 kgs and decided to have gastric sleeve surgery done in Bangkok to help her lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Here is her post op gastric sleeve update - Emily lost 82 kgs 1 year after gastric sleeve surgery. 

Emily lost 82 kgs 1 year after gastric sleeve surgery in Thailand

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Watch Emily's weight loss surgery - gastric sleeve in Thailand video

In this video - Emily shared her weight loss surgery in Thailand experience that having gastric sleeve will her eat more healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


Emily's nurse visit in her luxury apartment after gastric sleeve surgery - nurse Aom visits our clients every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 


Emily started filming her weight loss surgery in Thailand - enjoy her videos!

Emily's gastric sleeve surgery journey in Bangkok - part 3 surgery day! - After the consultation with Dr. Narong, now it's time for the operation.


Emily’s Gastric Sleeve Surgery Part 2 with Destination Beauty Thailand


Emily's Gastric Sleeve Surgery Part 1 with Destination Beauty Thailand


Emily’s Gastric Sleeve Surgery intro with Destination Beauty Thailand

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