Emily had gastric sleeve surgery in Thailand

emily 1 year post gastric sleeve


emily 1 year post op gastric sleeve

Emily, a young lady from Australia. Emily weighed 164.5 kgs and decided to have gastric sleeve surgery done in Bangkok to help her lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Here is her post op gastric sleeve update - Emily lost 76 kgs 1 year after gastric sleeve surgery. 

Emily had gastric sleeve surgery in Thailand - Lost 76 kgs 1 year after gastric sleeve surgery

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Watch Emily's weight loss surgery - gastric sleeve in Thailand video

In this video - Emily shared her weight loss surgery in Thailand experience that having gastric sleeve will her eat more healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


Emily's nurse visit in her luxury apartment after gastric sleeve surgery - nurse Aom visits our clients every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 


Emily started filming her weight loss surgery in Thailand - enjoy her videos!

Emily's gastric sleeve surgery journey in Bangkok - part 3 surgery day! - After the consultation with Dr. Narong, now it's time for the operation.


Emily’s Gastric Sleeve Surgery Part 2 with Destination Beauty Thailand


Emily's Gastric Sleeve Surgery Part 1 with Destination Beauty Thailand


Emily’s Gastric Sleeve Surgery intro with Destination Beauty Thailand

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