Alyssa's 450cc breast augmentation and her new nose - nose job in Bangkok!

Alyssa, from New Zealand decided to come to Bangkok to have her nose and breast surgery with Dr. Supasid. She shared with us that her friend who also had breast augmentation with Destination Beauty recommended us to her so she went ahead with the surgery! 

We took Alyssa sightseeing around Bangkok, took her on a local boat ride to visit the most famous temple in the city center of Bangkok. 

See more pictures and videos of Alyssa's nose and breast surgery journey below! 

Alyssa's journey of nose and breast augmentation 450cc with Dr. Supasid in Bangkok! from Destination Beauty

alyssa-before-and-after-breast-augmentation 3

alyssa-before-and-after-breast-augmentation 1

alyssa-before-and-after-breast-augmentation 2

alyssa-before-and-after-nose-surgery 2

alyssa-before-and-after-nose-surgery 1


Alyssa's by the pool at Somerset - 7 days post op nose surgery and breast augmentation 450 cc in Bangkok! from Destination Beauty 

Alyssa's follow up with Dr. Supasid after nose surgery and breast augmentation 450cc in Bangkok from Destination Beauty

P1020065Alyssa after breast and nose surgery, enjoying the pool side at Somerset

AlyssaAlyssa getting blessing from the monk at a Thai temple in Bangkok

Alyssa and Dr. SupasidAlyssa's follow up with Dr. Supasid, 7 days post op nose surgery and breast augmentation

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