Aisyah used to weight 130 kgs, she realized that she needed to lose weight because of her health conditions. Aisyah had gastric sleeve surgery to help her lose weight whilst still maintaining healthy diet and exercise which helped her to lose 60 kgs in 9 months after gastric sleeve surgery. 

Aisyah ended up with a lot of loose skin especially under her arms and thighs as well as sagging breast. 



Aisyah’s feedback from Destination Beauty 

Aisyah's recovery in Bangkok after skin removal surgery with Dr. Angkana!

Chantelle and Aisyah waiting for follow up with Dr. Angkana from Destination Beauty

Nurse Aom visited Aisyah at Somerset on her 3 weeks post op arm lift, breast augmentation with lift, and thigh lift! from Destination Beauty on Vimeo.

Aisyah talks about her scar - 3 weeks post op breast augmentation with lift, arm lift, and thigh lift in Bangkok! from Destination Beauty 


Aisyah's reaction on her new breast from Destination Beauty

Aisyah talks about her overall experience of having skin removal surgery done in Bangkok! from Destination Beauty

See Aisyah's weight loss journey - Gastric Sleeve Surgery helped her lose 60 kgs in 9 months!

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Aisyah did a lot of exercise daily as well as maintaining a healthy diet after gastric sleeve surgery, yet her excess skin is still there so she decided to have skin removal surgery to remove the excess skin under her arms, thighs and improving the sagging of the breast as well!

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