Jennifer's bigger breast and firm buttock Thailand!!

Jennifer had tried loads of different diets over the years with yo-yo weight loss and gain. Standing on the scale weighing in at 157 kgs at the age of 21 made Jennifer think about the future she was heading towards. Jennifer decided to have a gastric sleeve and the sleeve together with a lifestyle change got Jennifer down to 70 kgs – a whooping 87 kgs of weight loss. 

Jennifer's before and after skin removal thailand

Plastic Surgery in Thailand

Tummy Tuck, Breast lift, Breast Augmentation, Arm Lift and Thigh Lift.

That was the time Jennifer decided to come to Thailand with her mother to have the following plastic surgery procedures:

  • Breast lift and augmentation – reducing the excess skin and making the breast perky and youthful using an implant
  • Extended tummy tuck – reduction excess skin on sides and front of tummy
  • Arm lift – reducing the sagging skin of the arms
  • Thigh lift – cutting excess skin off the thighs
  • flank lift – to reduce the skin on the sides
  • Mon Pubis lift – to remove excess skin and lift up the pubis area

Jennifer spent 1 month in Thailand and underwent 2 surgical sessions. Healing followed without complications and the result is progressing well. Jennifer had her mother joining her in Thailand as her support person and it was the best thing she did  What’s better than your own mother to care for you when in Thailand.

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Jennifer had skin removal done in January 2017. She is now back for buttock lift and breast revision to put bigger implants! On the second trip, Jennifer went from 250 cc to 325 cc and got her excess skin from buttock removed!! The loose skin is the result from her massive weight loss after gastric sleeve and she also lost more weight from her workout routines!


Here are some pictures and videos of Jennifer's second trip!!

Jennifer met her old self!! from

Jennifer's waiting for her consultation from

Jennifer's consultation on buttock lift with Dr. Kasemsak in Bangkok! from 

Jennifer's before surgery - buttock lift in Bangkok! from 

Jens_consultation_buttock lift_thailand.jpg


Dr. Kasemsak is performing buttock lift surgery on Jennifer from

after buttock lift bangkok 

Jennifer after she woke up from the operator from 

Jennifer's skin cut off from her buttock! from

Jennifer's buttock lift consultation with Dr.Kasemsak in Bangkok from

'5 things I wish I had known about gastric sleeve' from

Jennifer talks about "5 things I wish I had known after skin removal surgery" from

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